• Consultation
  • Flight reservations
  • Document preparation
  • Ground transportation
  • CFIA Vet appointment
  • Final vet visit
  • Preparation of shipping crates
  • Boarding
  • Booking quarantine space
  • Custom built crates

 Please be aware of scams.  We are "Petsgo", NOT PetsGo International.  Our email address is and this is the ONLY email address we have and use.  Please only speak with Patti or Darrell.  If you're contacted by someone other than ourselves, please email us.   

(James Spackman has not hired Petsgo or has no connection with Petsgo). If someone asks for payment via Money Gram or Western Union for the shipping of a "free" dog, (by way of contacting you after you've posted an ad on Kijiji) they are most likely committing a fraud and are not in any way connected to us.  They do not have a dog to give you. Do not send any money!!!





Crates must be made of plastic, be vented on four sides, bolt together and have a metal door with a spring latch. Pets must be able to stand fully with their head up, with three inches above their head to the roof of the crate. Custom made wooden crates are also acceptable if they meet the airline requirements.  We build CR82 crates for strong breed dogs.


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Boarding is provided by Belle Kennel.  With over an acre of fenced land, dogs will be matched up with suitable playmates.  Cats stay on the upper level of their home with spacious floor to ceiling suites complete with skylights, climbing shelves, cozy cat condos and scratching posts.  Your pet will enjoy a vacation in their country home.

Pet Relocation Specialists

  • Pets must NOT be sedated.  Most airlines will not permit a sedated pet to travel.
  • Acclimatize your pet to their crate prior to shipping
  • Comfort stops can be arranged for international travel
  • Snub nose dogs require a crate one size larger.