"Leo arrived safely and was cleared by customs without any hitches.  Thank you for keeping us both informed regarding his flight, etc., last night.  Thank you for your services and a big thank you for your help!!"

Andy & Debbie - Halifax to London, Heathrow

Bandit arrived safe and sound last night.  He was very happy to see us!  Thanks again.....it was great not having to worry about him in all the hustle of moving."

Kimberly - Halifax to Kingston, Ontario

Bella and Donna arrived safe and sound.  Paul said they looked really good and didn't seem to be stressed at all.  Thank you for your exceptional and caring service.  I am so relieved to have them home!"


Bella, Donna, Annette & Paul - Halifax - Debai, UAE


"It really was a pleasure working with you....you are so efficient!!  Thank you!"

Caro - Cape Town, South Africa to St. John's, NFLD

Pet Relocation Specialists

Thanks again for all your help!  I am going to visit them again tomorrow at the quarantine facility.  I will definitely recommend your services to anyone that could use them!".

Heather - Halifax to Perth, Australia

          Vanilla arrives home safe and sound!

"Patti was fantastic in moving our 5 year old beagle, Sadie from Fredericton, NB to Doha, Qatar. She is very knowledgeable on the requirements for shipping pets out of the country and was an invaluable resource to us and cheerfully answered my endless questions at all hours of the day. Using Patti made the task of moving Sadie overseas with us effortless on our part and we certainly couldn't have done it without her. We highly recommend using Patti and we definitely will for our future pet shipping needs."

Adam and Daphne - Fredericton, NB to Doha, Qatar - August 2015

"We wanted to let you know that the cats came through with flying  colours! 

We showed up at the cargo place about a quarter of two,  and after waiting

about 45 minutes, the cats showed up.   Then we went to customs, got the

necessary okays, back to the cargo place,  paid the 30.00 bucks and then we

were off!  We got back here about 5:30 pm  and they're now boarding at the

vets where they'll be for a few days.   All  are in  great  shape  and  not really

freaked out at all. Gus especially...he's the mellowest fellow around.  Be sure

to  pass  along  my  gratitude to  your mother  and father for the tremendous

kennel digs -- I'm afraid they've been spoiled forever by Belle Kennel's perfect

I will keep in touch and if you have any kind of feedback area or would like a

recommendation letter or anything, let me know.  I would be thrilled to give

you a glowing review!  You have been a patient angel through this entire

process and I can't thank you enough Patti....you totally rock, babe!! "

Lisa - Halifax to Florida, USA



"Thanks again for all your help!  I am going to visit them again tomorrow

at the quarantine facility.   I will definitely recommend your services to

anyone that could use them!"

Heather - Halifax to Perth, Australia

"We just wanted to let you know that Molson has settled in quite well and the traveling didn't seem to bother him too much. Thanks

so much for all your help!  We will both highly recommend PetsGo to anyone who needs to transport their pets.  You made a task that seemed overwhelming at first so much easier!"

Tanya & Ronnie - Halifax to Nairobi, Kenya

"Hi Patti,

Molson looks great and is very happy!  I'm thrilled to have him back and he doesn't seem any worse for the wear.  Thank you for all your help once again.  We will be forever grateful and we highly recommend your services to everyone."

Tanya & Ronnie - Nairobi, Kenya home to Prince Edward Island, Charlottetown

"It was fantastic working with you!  I will definitely recommend you to anyone who requires this service....you were GREAT!!!  Thank you for all your help."

Angie - Halifax to Melbourne, Australia


"Patti very recently arranged for our dog Bronte to return from Canada to Glasgow in the UK and her service was marvelous.  Like most pet owners, we had so many questions and were concerned about our dog, but she alleviated all of our fears, answered every question, and returned all emails and phone calls. 
Bronte was really well taken care of, from pick up at our house, to getting picked up at Glasgow.  She came out of her crate, happy, unstressed, relaxed and with a very waggy tail!
I would recommend Petsgo to anyone as Patti knows exactly what she is doing.  She is competent and friendly and we'd like to thank her for taking care of everything we needed to ensure Bronte's safe return.  Thanks Patti!"

The Millers - Halifax to Glasgow, Scotland

"Hi Patti,

I just wanted to thank you so much for the excellent job you

have done in sending Karen's cats to her.  She let me know as

soon as they arrived,  safe and sound and she was very happy! 

It's great that you kept us all informed of their progress on the

trip.   I was so impressed with the kind, caring,  efficient  and

expert service that you offered to us and will recommend your

services to anyone who requires them.  Excellent job!!"

Kathleen - Halifax to Doha, Qatar

"We wanted to send you our sincere thanks for everything.  With everything else going on, knowing we could leave everything in your capable hands was a huge weight off our minds.  Also please pass on our thanks to your parents at Belle Kennel for looking after him so well over the last 3 weeks.  We're stuggling to find a kennel here that offers what they do and the same feel of home.

Hayley, Mark & Rolo - Halifax to London, UK 

"I had to send my cat on a long and arduous, multi-day journey

to be re-joined with us after our international move. After

receiving a couple of quotes from big pet moving companies, I

felt quite despondent as it was just too expensive. Which is

why I was so relieved when I received a quote from Jack of

Bobbi's World which for the first time seemed reasonable and

affordable. In turn, Jack put me in touch with Patti from PetsGo

to handle the Canadian side of the journey. She was immediately

on top of things and handled all the details of quite a complicated

situation ensuring me throughout that Vanilla will be in good

hands and well taken care of. Together they organized the travel

arrangements, pickups and drop-offs, customs, animal-friendly

lodging in between etc. Their positive, confident and helpful

attitudes helped calm my nerves before and during my cat's four

day long journey.
When Vanilla finally arrived she was very tired, but less stressed

and overall in a much better state than was expected after traveling

for so long. This proved to me that she was indeed cared for with

kindness and consideration during her long journey. I am very happy

that my search led me to Jack and Patti and will recommend them to

anyone in a similar situation."
Vanilla is doing great by the way. We are all so happy to have her back.
Have a great weekend!


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